Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Why I'm voting for John Edwards

I have liked Howard Dean ever since I first saw him speak on TN last June. I have been spending hours per week blogging, volunteering, and doing other things towards helping Dean.

However, I've asked myself the following question: What's more important -- electing Howard Dean, or taking the country back from George W Bush?

After much fasting and prayer, I have decided that the answer is the latter, taking the country back. While Howard Dean is the best position-wise, he is no longer the best candidate to win. He has allowed the media and DLC to steal this election from him, and change his style.

John Kerry scares me. He has changed positions every 16 months or so throughout his political career. His campaign is now against everything he voted for: NAFTA, NCLB, Operation Iraqi Freedom, to name just a few. He is a member of Skull and Bones, a large secret combination (of which GWB is a member of as well).

John Edwards can defeat John Kerry. He has Charisma. He has energy. He doesn't have the easy labels that Dean got stuck with.

Howard Dean is still my first choice. John Edwards gets my vote.

I will not be starting a "Mormons for Edwards" group, as I will be involved helping a friend. I have been asked to be a political advisor to Shaun Kruger who is running for Salt Lake County Council. It has also been suggested to me to start a "Mormons for Honorable and Just Men" PAC. If the Kruger Campaign gets shot down early, maybe I will do that.

Please contact me at, as I will no longer be checking my Mormons for Dean address. You can check out my new blog, covering just about everything, at


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