Friday, May 27, 2005


I'm in the process of writing a letter to send to our elected officials regarding the new soccer stadium for ReAL Salt Lake (I'm still not sold on that name).

Here are my choices of most favorable, in order. As always, I'm free to change my mind, as has happened the past week.

1. Murray. This location, unlike two of the others, currently has a Trax station. It is an area that has redevelopment potential. Not only does Murray Mayor Dan Snarr (whose son is in Napoleon Dynamite, BTW) plan to build a soccer stadium, but he plans to build a mini-city around it. Make it the centerpiece to a Gateway-like development, similar to West Valley's e-Center. It also has easy access from I-15's 4500 South exit and State Street. Ample Parking would be included in the plans. It is also close to Midvale, home of many Hispanics.

2. State Fairgrounds. This location was proposed by Rocky Anderson this week. There are thousands of Latinos within walking distance. It is a stop on a proposed Trax line.

3. Downtown SLC. Next to hotels, a Trax station, and downtown. Could help to revitalize the south end of Downtown. However, no parking.

4. Rice-Eccles Stadium. OK, so this isn't a legit option. R-E is a great football facility, but sucks for soccer. Kinda like the Delta Center sucks for hockey, arena football, and any other sport not called basketball. But, it's still better than choice #5.

5. Sandy. The city that makes the rest of Utah look racially diverse. I won't get into why this site is logistically bad, but I will say that is Sandy continues with this dishonest and unjust funding plan (stealing money is against the law), then I have spent my last dime in Sandy.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I suck

Gosh, I suck.

I suck at this whole blogging thing. I have a small flury of posts (a flury meaning 2) every2 months, then silence. Maybe that's why this blog won that award. My problem is, that whenever I have something of note to blog, I don't have time. When I have time, I never have thought. So, from now on, I will have no thoughts on my blog. I will just have random ramblings. OK, I won't say no thought, because I will have some thoughts interspersed with my random nothingness. Maybe I'll change the name from TW,ATM to Random Nothingness with Some Thoughts Interspersed. Who knows.

Maybe this will just become a real diary, stuff for me to write about what's really going on.

We'll see.