Friday, April 30, 2004

A Number Is Just A Number, But A Name Isn't Just A Name


I want you to ponder that number for a moment.


739 days ago it was April 22, 2002. Just over two years ago. Annother 739 from now it will be May 9, 2006. But, I give you those dates as a reference as to how big a number 739. The significance? 739 is the currant number of dead reported since the beginning of the Iraq war.

Viet Nam used to always seem distant to me. Even after seeing a traveling, half-scale replica of The Wall Sept 13, 2001 here in Salt Lake, it still didn't seem concrete.

Last summer, annother traveling wall came to Salt Lake. This one contained all the names from The Wall in Washington. There, I took the opportunity to rub the name of the person closest to my family to have died in Nam.

His name was Shirl. He was engaged to my Aunt. At the time, I had never met anyone from his family (I now happen to work with his sister). Suddenly, I instantly became connected to not just a name, but a person.

739 represents people, not just names. Tonight, Ted Koppel will read a list of names 739 or so names. He will also show the pictures. Even if we do not watch tonight (I probably won't), lets bow our head in a moment of silence to respect those we've lost.

Here is a random sampling of names. At the end of a few selected posts, I will add a few names, as a tribute. These young men a women are not respected enough. I do this to honor them.

2nd Lt Therrel S Childers, Age 30, Harriston, Miss., Mar 21, 2003
Staff Sgt. Thomas W Christensen, Age 42, Atlantic Mine, MI, Dec 25, 2003
Sgt. Michael D Acklin II, Age 25, Louisville, Nov 15, 2003

Saturday, April 24, 2004

My Day at the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

Today was my first experience at a political convention. It was pretty much what I expected, for the most part. However, some observations:

1. If someone's going to come into the educators' caucus, please talk about what YOU can do for education.

2. My favorite shirt of the day: "Democrats are sexy. Have you ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?"

3. The pledge. Only about half the crowd said "under God." I should have said "Under Heavenly Father," but I didn't.

4. Kudos to the Peter Corroon Campaign. (DISCLAIMER: I am a Coroon volunteer.) They were the only campaign to use the multi-media capabilities of the Skyline High Auditorium. Most candidates probably hadn't even looked at that.

5. On a sad note, my friend Shaun lost at the Republican Convention. Well, he bowed out, endorsed Patti Florence, who then got creamed by Mark Crockett. That will give me more time to persue other things, including blogging here.


Sunday, April 18, 2004

OK, so I've been gone a while...

Yeah, it's been a while, but I've been busier and busier. Who knew that Kindergarteners could be so exhausting. Further proof that the movie "Kindergarten Cop" was fake. The Govenator would have died of exhaustion halfway through the movie.

But, they took the kindergartners away from me, so I have more time to think of other things. Fifth Graders are a whole new ballgame, but at least they know the name of "8."

Of course, my frien Shaun decided to run for County Council, and I'm his campaign secretary, so that has me busy as well.

OK, now for some general questions:

1) Who the heck are we going to turn Iraq over to June 30?
2) Why can Bush flip-flop but Kerry can't?
3) Why isn't Kerry campaigning more?

OK, that's all for now. I hope to post a few times a week.