Saturday, April 24, 2004

My Day at the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

Today was my first experience at a political convention. It was pretty much what I expected, for the most part. However, some observations:

1. If someone's going to come into the educators' caucus, please talk about what YOU can do for education.

2. My favorite shirt of the day: "Democrats are sexy. Have you ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?"

3. The pledge. Only about half the crowd said "under God." I should have said "Under Heavenly Father," but I didn't.

4. Kudos to the Peter Corroon Campaign. (DISCLAIMER: I am a Coroon volunteer.) They were the only campaign to use the multi-media capabilities of the Skyline High Auditorium. Most candidates probably hadn't even looked at that.

5. On a sad note, my friend Shaun lost at the Republican Convention. Well, he bowed out, endorsed Patti Florence, who then got creamed by Mark Crockett. That will give me more time to persue other things, including blogging here.


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