Monday, January 24, 2005

oops! 2 movie reviews...

Oops! I've been to two movies without reporting on either of them! eeek!

Finding Neverland

Loved it! OK, so it was far, far away from the real story people thought they were getting, but it was one of my favorite movies of the year.

I didn't notice anything offencive, or that would embarass me on a date. says it has 2 "S" words as the only swearing, and only a little clevage for sex/nudity.

Go see it, before it's too late!


This was annother good movie. However, it has one scene of a married couple having sex. Niether has on less than boxers for him and panties/bra for her. However, it was fairly unneccessary. lists 31 swear words, including 1 use of the mother of all swear words.


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