Friday, January 28, 2005

Dean for DNC Chair

The following is an e-mail I snet to the Democratic Party of Utah.

I am writing in responce to your call for input on
National Party Chair. I support Howard Dean, and only
Howard Dean, for National party chair. This should be
the desire of all Democrats in Utah for a very simple

Howard Dean realizes that the best way to build the
party is through the grassroots. If you concentrate
on small races, even in states as red as Utah, you
will see success at the larger levels of government.

Before I go involved with Gov Dean's campaign for
President, I considered myself a moderate Republican.
I now realize that I fit more with the Democratic
Party. During this past campaign, I volunteered many
hours for Peter Corroon's successful campaign for Salt
Lake County Mayor. I also volunteered for several
other Democratic candidates. I got many of my
Republican friends to vote for Democrats. All of this
can be traced back to the inspiration of Howard Dean.

-Bob Aagard
President/Founder, Mormons for Dean
Holladay UT

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