Friday, May 28, 2004

Picking the Worng Battles

The last several years, we have seen many issues come up where our elected officials "fix" a problem by not changing what's broken.

First, it was the aftermath of Florida 2000. The reason the Supreme Court ended the recount in Gore v Bush was because there was no state standard for recounts. We "fixed" the problem by going to electronic voting where recounts are impossible, and there's no way to tell if you screwed up the ballot. That's not to mention the fact that the computers are prone to crashing, or idiot poll workers not knowing they have to plug in the machines.

Next, we were attacked. So, we go after the guy who was responsible, right? Well, kinda. We spend a few months looking for him. But, we can't find him. So, we keep some troops in that country (a number so small we now only control a few cities there), and we attack annother country. A country whose leader was hated by the guy we were looking for in Afganistan. A country where the group that attacked us had zero presence until they followed us in.

Lastly, a little closer to home, some government employees are abusing their car, er, SUV privlidges. So, instead of better monitoring on the system, they are going to take away the cars, giving everyone a $300-750 car allowance. THAT won't lead to abuses at all.....



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