Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Gov Huntsman 4th Most popular

My Republican friends (and by this I mean real people who are friends, not the generic term I sometimes use) often ask me how I think our leaders are doing. They have learned to not ask me about President Bush. The one I get asked about most is Gov Huntsman.

Well, the answer is that he hasn't pissed me off yet. And by occasionally pissing off conservatives, he's doing a fine job in my book.

Survey USA released July approval ratings for all 50 Governors. Gov Huntsman Ranked as the 4th most popular Gov with 68% approval ratings, 21% disapproving. Huntsman was behind the Dakotas and Connecticut, all with Republican Governors. The top Democrat was #5 from West Virginia of all places. To be fair, the bottom 5 were all Republicans also.


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